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  • Maddie's Fight Foundation Welcomes Three New Board Members

    Posted 11/07/2017

    Maddie's Fight Foundation is incredibly honored and proud to announce the addition of three new members to its Board.


    Michele Bonasera, Abby James, and Danielle Wohlbold will now officially be lending their insight, wisdom, experience, passion and drive for success to the Maddie's Fight Mission.


    We could not be more thankful for their service as we work to make a difference in the lives of children who have been diagnosed with cancer, to raise awareness for the need to increase funding for pediatric cancer research, and directly support advancements in Osteosarcoma treatment.


    pictured from left to right: Michele Bonasera, Sarah Arden, Abby James, Jack Parolski, Danielle Wohlbold, Barbie DiMatteo, and Mike Demers

  • Thank you, Little Smiles and KVJ Show

    Posted 10/16/2017

    It is with great love and appreciation that Maddie's Fight Foundation presents a check to Little Smiles for the amazing work they do for the children who need it most. When Maddie traveled to Cleveland for treatment, the iPad donated by Little Smiles was the tool that allowed her to video conference her sister and father back home; affording her precious time with her loved ones that would otherwise not be possible.


    We will alway appreciate the amazing love and support Little Smiles lent Maddie and her family and we are pleased to help such an amazing foundation. To listen to Maddie's mom, Barbie, thank the KVJ show and Little Smiles, click this link. Her segment called "Call Them Out" from 10/16 begins around 2:04:00 and its worth a listen.


    Click Here to learn more about Little Smiles! Check Out the KVJ show, too- Maddie loved listening and so do we! You will too!


    Don't forget to check out our Event Link- we have an upcoming Maddie's Fight Foundation Launch party at Saint Lucie Draft House this week and we would LOVE to see you there!!!! Click here to learn more!!

  • Honoring the Van Duzer Foundation

    Posted 10/13/2017

    Maddie's Fight Foundation is very proud to be able to give back to an organization that helped Maddie's family during the darkest of hours. Founded in 2008, the Van Duzer Foundation has spent the better part of the last 10 years generously providing aid to Saint Lucie County families in need and actively working to make our local community stronger.


    We will be forever grateful for the succesful fundraiser hosted by Van Duzer Foundation and for the love and kindess they showed in a great time of need.

    visit The Van Duzer Foundation to learn more!

  • Maddie's Fight Foundation honors
    The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation

    Posted 10/11/2017

    Thank you to the Rizzo Foundation for all you do to support the families of children suffering with cancer. The difference you made in Maddie's life was immense and the difference you make in the world is immeasurable.


    It is an honor to share your amazing work with our supporters and we wish you a multitude of success as you touch the lives of so many. Thank you for helping to inspire us as we seek to do the same!!

  • Maddie's Fight Foundation proudly announces its partnership with Nemours Children's Hospital

    Posted 10/6/2017

    When Maddie was first diagnosed, she received only the finest care at Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando, FL. The staff of talented doctors, surgeons, nurses, and social workers wrapped their arms around Maddie and her whole family and demonstrated nothing but love for them while they worked feverishly to treat her cancer.


    It is an honor to now be partnered with this amazing hospital as Maddie's Fight Foundation works to identify families who could benefit from our services and while we look for ways to support innovation in the treatment of Osteosarcoma.

  • Maddie's Fight Foundation is pleased to support

    Maya Matters

    Posted 10/4/2017

    Maddie was the very fortunate recipient of prayers, letters, cards, warm wishes over social media, and many thoughtful gifts. Seeing the smile on her face every time she knew someone was thinking of her helped make some of what she endured more bearable.


    Additionally, Maddie's family was very blessed to have received help managing some of the incredibly expensive medical bills that began mounting. One of the hardest parts of caring for a sick child is the reality that most of life just charges forward, including the mortgage/rent payment, the car payments, and the unrelenting hospital charges.


    One of the incredibly generous organizations that helped Maddie and her family during her battle with Osteosarcoma was Maya Matters. Their support made all the difference at a very difficult time.


    Maddie's Fight Foundation is pleased to be able to show its gratitude to this amazing cause by making a donation in Maddie's honor to Maya Matters. We cannot wait to see the smiles on the faces of other sick children who are lucky enough to receive assistance from this group of dedicated and loving people.


    Visit www.mayamatters.org to learn more.




  • Maddie's Fight Foundation welcomes Cleveland Clinic
    as our first official care provider partner!

    Posted 10/3/2017

    When Maddie made her brave journey to Cleveland to receive innovative new therapies for Osteosarcoma, nobody knew what to expect. Under the care of Dr. Anderson, Maddie made great progress. Though it was too late to save her life, the amazing pediatric oncology team ignited Maddie's passion for helping others. It was here that our mission was born.


    Maddie's Fight Foundation is pleased to announce our official partnership with the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH. We will work closely with their team of talented care givers so we may identify families who need financial assistance. Additionally, we will follow Dr. Anderson's research closely so we may continue to support his cutting edge work toward ending Osteosarcoma.


  • Maddie's Fight Foundation Launch!

    Posted 10/2/2017
    We have been working feverishly behind the scenes to officially launch Maddie's Fight Foundation!
    Today, we are excited to officially bring the legacy of Maddie Lane to life. Please support us as we help other families who are caring for a sick child and as we work to raise funds for Osteosarcoma research!
    Click here to read a bit more about the beginnings of our organization!
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