• Hero: Elish Mancuso

    Submitted by: Danielle Wohlbold


    "She has fought so many battles throughout her life and is truly talented in so many ways. She was diagnosed with Lupus, and told not to bear children. She went on to adopt her son, Christopher, now in his 20’s. Her husband had a kidney transplant about 6 years and recently battled cancer. A few months ago, she began her fight also, after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She has remained positive through all and Is the bravest woman I know. I am in complete awe of her. She is an active member in her Church, An Assistant Principal and if you follow her on Facebook, she reads chapter books to her students! These are just some of the reasons I chose this beautiful woman as my hero!

    Maddie was our favorite hero!! Not only was she brave and strong, but even in the final stages of her battle, she remained devoted to helping other children who were fighting cancer.

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    Hero: Michael Hart

    Submitted by : Hailey Hart


    "My hero is my dad, Michael Hart, who is working in Miami as a Miami-Dade Fire Captain during this pandemic. He has been working regular shifts and overtime to help others. He risks his life everyday. Thank you for everything you do. This is why he is my hero.

    Hero: Barbie DiMatteo

    Submitted by Angie Gilbride


    "Although she lost her daughter to cancer, she found a way to forever keep her memory alive through the creation of Maddie’s Fight Foundation. Her family's strength, determination, & drive, inspire me to be a better person! You truly took a very difficult situation and made it positive by providing help to other families who have loved ones with cancer. You inspire me & you are my hero every day!"

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    Hero: JJ

    Submitted by Sarah DiMatteo


    "I met JJ when he came to throw the first pitch at last year's Maddie's Fight Night at Mets Stadium. His smile could light up a room and his energy is magnetic. He has been so brave as he has fought Lukemia, and even though his long battle has not been easy, you never see him without that sweet smile."

    Hero: Sarah DiMatteo

    Submitted by: Matt Arden


    "As her younger brother she helped raise me when our Mom left. She selflessly raised 3 great boys as a single mother, and has since taken 2 more into her brood as a dedicated step-mom. She has poured herself into Maddie's Fight. She's always taking care of others. Not out of responsibility, not for credit ... but out of true genuine love and caring.

    She's got a bigger heart than anyone I know. She's my hero."

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